Subcontractor Prequalification

Maverick Caldareria Prequalification Policy

Maverick Caldareria requires that all subcontractors and vendors be prequalified to be eligible to bid and contract work with our company. For Sub/Vendor inquiries please email


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Maverick Caldareria a Texas Limited Liability Corporation with its corporate office in Houston, Texas, an industrial construction company, performs an internal verification of its product supply chains in the United States to evaluate and address their compliance with applicable U.S. law, including the risks of slavery and human trafficking. We internally audit a segment of our suppliers to evaluate their compliance with applicable U.S. law. Since Maverick requires its direct suppliers to comply with applicable U.S. law under the terms of our standard supply contract, they, to the best of our knowledge, are certifying that materials which are part of our products are not manufactured or produced by slavery or human trafficking. Maverick maintains internal accountability standards and procedures, and code investigative committee, to ensure our company and its employees comply with applicable U.S. law, including those laws to eradicate slavery and human trafficking. Maverick further provides training to its employees and management, who have direct responsibility for supply chain management, in order to mitigate such risks within our product supply chains.